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Small batch pickles, relishes, jams, & jellies

 We use local fresh produce to make our pickles, relishes, jams, and jellies.

Lyman's Specialties uses fresh local produce to make our tried and true recipes. Our Bread & Butter Pickles are made from a recipe that was handed down from Lyman's grandmothers. The Garden Relish is also an old family recipe handed down in Lyman's family here in Southern Vermont. 

 Lyman has spent years building relationships with local farmers and produce distributors to ensure only the freshest produce goes into each and every jar. We take pride in each hand packed jar of our products to ensure that each jar is the same as the last jar of our products  that you have eaten. 

We make our pickles, relishes, jams, and jellies using the old tried and true methods that have stood the test of time. Give our products a taste, we think you will agree.

Made in Vermont with all natural ingredients 

Our Story


Here at Lyman's we are asked about how did we get started in the pickling business. And is there really a Lyman? The answer to the second question is : Yes, there is and that is his first name, not last. And Lyman is the one that cooks all of the products. 

The answer to the first inquiry is a bit more involved.  The second holiday season that Lyman and Peg were together, they wanted to make gift baskets filled with things they had made. Now Lyman said he wanted to make his families' bread & butter pickles and a relish also from his family. ( you see where this is going.) Peg made her grandmothers' cinnamon rolls and fudge. Cookies were thrown in for good measure. The baskets were a hit. As a matter of fact when Peg's daughter, Rhonda, tasted the bread & butter pickles,  she remarked, "These are the best bread & butter pickles I have every tasted. You should sell these:" We all saw the light come on over Lyman's head and a sly smile cross his lips. 

That was several years ago and by 2010 Lyman and Peg  had their commercial kitchen in West Dover, Vermont. Lyman and Peg are proud of the fact they own all of the equipment in the kitchen and employ local people to help make the pickles, relishes, jams, and jellies. 

Local ,fresh , and made in Vermont with care and love.

What keeps the brine flowing


One of Lyman's favorite sayings is: "If you can't pronounce  it you won't find it in our products." Lyman will not use anything in our products that is not a natural and or organic preservative to keep the products shelf-stable. The pickling process itself is part of that also; vinegar, salt, and water. All of our brine are made fresh for each and every run of product. The spices are   locally sourced to keep the freshness going.  It feels good to know that we are taking locally sourced produce and fruits and making something that brings a bit of  the old food traditions of our families to our customers.  

Here at Lyman's we strive to have as little waste as possible; our scraps go to a compost pile at a local farm. The people that work for us are local. We like to share with our neighbors and that means a great deal to our sense of community.  We feel strongly that good, wholesome food is a right not a privilege . 

And of the main things that keeps the brine flowing is, when someone tastes our products, sighs and tells us that this is just like what their mom or grandma made. Pure joy.

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